Where to Plant Your Tree

September 28, 2009

When planting a tree, it’s critical to select the tree species that has the best chance to thrive in your landscape environment. For more information on tree planting and proper seasonal tree care, visit http://www.davey.com.

Natascha Batchelor, Davey Expert and ISA certified arborist, discusses the importance of selecting the right tree, for the right place in your landscape. Trees thrive best in a forest, where they can grow and develop naturally. This is not usually possible when trees are planted in a landscape setting.


1. How large will the tree grow? 
Make sure you have a good understanding of the tree’s size at mature height and visualize that in your landscape before deciding to plant the tree. Think about how the tree’s location will impact the house or power lines when mature.  

2. How fast will the tree grow? 
While faster growing tree species might provide faster shade, there could be a trade off with the tree’s wood strength or longevity. A simple internet search can provide detailed information on most trees, as can a quick call to your local arborist. 

3. Tree growth requirements. 
Does the tree need a particular type of soil; will the tree tolerate heavy clay or does it need a more acidic soil to thrive? Is the tree drought tolerant? Some species will do well in wet soil while others will not. 

4. Know your hardiness zone. 
A tree planted too far north or too far south will not thrive and will be more susceptible to pests and diseases. Hardiness zones can be found online or with a quick call to your local arborist for some help.

Contact your local professionally trained arborist with any concerns or questions you may have during your next tree planting project.

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