Pruning Trees: Why The Dormant Season Matters!

September 18, 2014

Tree pruning is vital to ensuring your trees are healthy. The fall and winter seasons are a great time of year to schedule your tree pruning service. For more information on the benefits of dormant pruning, visit

Jim Houston, Davey Tree Service expert and ISA certified arborist, explains why tree pruning during the dormant season should be a part of your annual tree care checklist.

What are the benefits of dormant pruning?

1. It’s a great time to identify tree pruning needs because the branch structure of the tree is revealed. This helps arborists make the best cuts possible to ensure the best structure for tree health and to withstand severe weather. 

2. Arborists are better able to identify any tree insect damage or tree disease issues that may have popped up during the summer. 

3. You eliminate the chance that future tree buds and new tree growth will be impacted.

4. You can prepare for winter weather. Dormant pruning will remove weak or damaged tree limbs, leaving the tree’s structure as strong as possible in advance of severe winter storms.

5. There are certain tree species where dormant pruning is recommended to avoid transfer of disease, oak wilt being one example. 

The bottom line is that a stronger tree is a healthier tree, and tree pruning is a great tool – along with plant health care – to help ensure it thrives. 

Contact your local professionally trained arborist to help you safely and effectively prune your trees.

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