Importance of Soil Nutrients

November 11, 2019

Issues we see above ground, actually start with issues below. Jim Zwack, VP & GM of Davey Institute, discusses how you can address soil nutrient issues and why healthy soil is important for tree growth. Common Soil Nutrient Issues • Struggle with low organic matter and microbial life • Compacted with poor structure • Have low water and nutrient retention How to Address Soil Issues Below are the necessary steps below: 1.Take a look at you soil’s chemistry with a baseline soil test 2. Nutrition Management We use a slow-release fertilizer that mimics natural conditions and is designed to meet the nutrient demands of trees throughout the year. 3. Soil Amendments Like compost, biochar, mulch and liquid organics that adds organic material to soil, acting as a food source for microbes, which indirectly benefits trees by slowly releasing mineral components over time an improving soil structure. 4. It may be necessary to use specialized tools to address issues When testing reveals soil compaction, a high-powered pneumatic tools can be used to address physical issues by breaking up the soil. Need more information? Contact your local arborist for a free soil consultation or if you have any questions by visiting our website at

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