Trees Provide Amazing Benefits

September 2, 2009

Trees are truly magnificent, and if we keep them healthy, we can enjoy the economic, environmental, social and emotional benefits that they provide. For more information on the amazing benefits that trees provide, visit

R.J. Laverne, Davey Tree Service expert and ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, discusses some of the amazing benefits trees provide.

Economic Tree Benefits:
• Many people appreciate trees for their beauty, which translates to higher real estate value and curb appeal. 
• Trees provide shade to buildings, keeping them cooler in the summer months and resulting in lower electric bills.

Environmental Tree Benefits:
• With decreased electric use, the environment receives fewer emissions from power plants, resulting in better air quality.
• Trees produce oxygen, essential for our wellbeing, and absorb carbon dioxide. Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to global climate change.
• Trees reduce rain runoff, allowing the water to be absorbed by the soil.
• Tree roots help to keep the soil in place, and reduce soil erosion. This improves water quality by reducing the amount of eroded soil that flows into streams.

Social Tree Benefits:
• Trees provide shade during the warm summer months, keeping the environment more comfortable.
• With more shade, the “urban heat island effect” is reduced; referring to heat that often builds up in cities. When you have a lot of heat in the city, you get more ozone pollution and illnesses associated with heat.

Emotional Tree Benefits:
Trees are associated with important milestones and special memories throughout our lifetime. 
• Is there a special tree in your life from when you were growing up? 
• Do you know someone that got married under a particular tree? 
• Maybe a loved one is buried in a cemetery with a lot of beautiful trees?

It is important to keep your trees healthy to maximize their benefits. Contact your local professionally trained arborist with any concerns for your trees’ health.

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