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Tree "Sculptures" From the Hands of a Davey Foreman T rees inspire human beings to breathe deeply, relax and simply appreciate Mother Nature. But trees also inspire artistic creations. Bonsai trees originate in China, where people first brought the outdoors inside. As Buddhist monks introduced the tiny trees to Japan, bonsai tree care soon developed into an art. Artists shaped bonsai trees into animals and dragons, or other objects within their imaginations. Years later, artists learned pruning techniques to shape bonsai trees into miniatures of larger specimens in the landscape. Jeff Corbin, a foreman on the United Electric account, has practiced the art of bonsai for 10 years. He discovered the concept while attending a bonsai group meeting in Pittsburgh. "I first saw the trees on display, while they teach how to trim the roots," Corbin explains. "It piqued my interest." Working with bonsai trees is an extension of Corbin's daily work. "My whole life revolves around trees," Corbin says. Yet, altering bonsai trees to look like the bigger trees they duplicate takes a lot of patience. Corbin adds, "I find it incredibly interesting to learn different aspects of the tree—how it grows and how to alter it." Corbin's favorite tree to work with is the Japanese red maple. "When the tree leafs out, a full grown leaf appears and you need to pluck it," Corbin explains. "As you keep plucking, the leaf will be the same shape as a full-grown leaf, but smaller. Eventually, the tree will change colors in the fall. It's great seeing the oranges, reds and yellows of the leaves." Pruning bonsai trees while enjoying his coffee and reading The Bulletin is one way Corbin enjoys a relaxing moment during a busy day. Jeff Corbin enjoys his coffee while reading The Bulletin and practicing the art of bonsai. The Bulletin Around the World The Davey Tree Expert Company P.O. Box 5193 Kent, Ohio 44240-5193

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