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11 November/December 2019 | THE DAVEY BULLETIN conducted extensively in our industry. There are other natural areas that really enhance the ecology of the site. Everything that we do as a company really is reflected in this property in some way." The East Campus indoor classrooms will double the size of the classrooms available at the Davey Institute currently used for D.I.T.S. and other company training initiatives. Ina described the majority of the East Campus facilities as having "stackable" functionality. "The non-energized utility spans offer Davey Resource Group asset management employees the chance to learn and test as it relates to hardware and engineering applications," Ina said. "Whereas the same span also provides training opportunities to our utility line clearance crews. Simultaneously, the ground space below can be used by DRG ecological services employees to test and study natural habitats. The same thinking is applied to every practical research area we have designed." Herms said development of the site will start with aspects that won't interfere with future elements. "So that would include establishment of research plots," he said. "We know where we can start planting trees, establishing the arboretum that will be used for training purposes, installing turf plots, identifying trees for climbing training and more." Herms joined Davey in 2018 but earlier in his career was involved in designing the research program and laboratory facilities at the 110-acre Dow Gardens botanical garden in Midland, Michigan. "I've visited other arboreta and facilities where they have a research and training component, but I think ours is unique because the weight of the emphasis is very heavily on research and training and less so on displays and plant collections," he said. An indoor climbing facility, one component of the training center, will be approximately 10,700 square feet. "Envision a basketball court with a simulated climbing tree at each baseline and center court, and then work stations surrounding the court," said Greg Ina, executive vice president, Davey Institute and employee development. "There is an oak grove just outside the facility that is stunning with climbing-training opportunities, so there is a combination of indoor-outdoor facilities there. This facility, and the rich features of the site, is what will make the property unique. The focus on training and employee development will be our hallmark." The climbing facility is shown at far left in this rendering of the training center. Training, research facilities/topics may include: • Classrooms & climbing centers (indoor/outdoor) • Distance learning facilities • Non-energized utility right-of-way spans • Canopy walk, turf/golf fairways & greens • Greenhouses, research/diagnostic laboratories • Replicated tree plantations • Mature tree, soil ecology & wetland research A HOME FOR TRAINING AND RESEARCH

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