Green Asset Management

June 18, 2010

What’s the most valuable environmental asset you own? Trees are an incredible green asset.  They provide amazing benefits, such as cleaning the air, reducing energy use and costs, and improving property values.  . For more information about proper tree care or seasonal tree care tips, visit

Jim Houston, Davey Tree Service expert and ISA Certified Arborist, will inform you about green asset management. 

Too often, we plant a tree and walk away. But if you think about it, we wouldn’t do that with a new car or a new home. Most of our high value assets need routine maintenance to ensure they hold or even increase in value. 

Unlike natural forests, where trees adapt to their environment to survive, trees in any urban setting need help staying healthy. Proper tree care practices are essential to mimic a tree’s natural environment. 

The “Big Four” Tree Care Practices: 
1. Tree Watering 
2. Tree Pruning
3. Tree Fertilization 
4. Tree Mulching

If you’ve invested heavily in your landscape, you want to make sure that a tree investment holds value. Routine tree maintenance can help ensure that.  Just like your car, a little tree maintenance now can prevent tree damage later. 

Educate yourself on how to effectively monitor your landscape. Contact your local, professionally trained arborist to schedule a routine tree inspection. Your landscape will thank you for it, but so will your balance sheet.  You’ll continue to maximize the value of your strongest green asset.

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