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35 March/April 2018 | THE DAVEY BULLETIN FOR UTILITY FOREMAN, 40 YEARS FLY BY 1. Safety comes first – always. "We finally got a bucket truck in Raleigh in 1961, and it was like we got an elevator. It reduced some of the physical workload, but you still had to be careful. You had to have your wits about you, be safe and take care of your equipment. You take care of that, and it will take care of you. Then, it's your job to take care of the people you work with." 2. Stay curious. "The first time I saw tree climbers, I was interested and wanted to climb. It's like the first time you see a baseball game. You like it, or you don't. Climbing just fascinated me – and so did the job itself. I wanted to learn more about trees: what made them tick and what made them grow. Plus, the crew and I all just got on together. My supervisor told me that climbing was a challenge. You've got to enjoy the challenge! I can't say I wasn't afraid when I started climbing, but it was daring. I fell in love with it. If I were in better health, I'd probably still be working." 3. Keep showing up and working hard. "I started as a replacement and kept coming in whenever Davey needed me. Later in 1957, I started full time and was around until 1998. Hang in there. Davey is a good company to stay with. The company was really good to me with all the benefits – employee stock, insur- ance, all that. The people are great, too. They're always looking out for you." 4. Buy into what you do. "When Davey became employee-owned, that was a big change. I became a stockholder. It made me feel good, and that's how I paid off my house. It really helped me out. The stock market goes up, then down. But Davey keeps going up, up, up. The stock was a real blessing." RETIREE CORNER In 1957, the world's first satellite had just been launched, prompting the Space Race. Meanwhile, Ed Casey was beginning a very different (and even longer) race. Casey had just started at Davey as a part-time groundman, later becoming a foreman, master foreman and supervisor in Utility services. Finally, after 41 years, Casey's children told him it was time to retire, and he hung up his hard hat as a foreman on the Carolina Power & Light account (now called Progress Energy, Inc.). Recently, Casey celebrated his 80th birthday and reminisced about the job he loved. LESSONS CASEY LEARNED THROUGHOUT HIS 40-YEAR CAREER AT DAVEY Since retiring, Ed Casey has spent as much time as he can with his family. "That's what I was working for my whole life – them," he says. " Davey really cares about our employees. We want all employees to go home safely every day. Safety really is the highest value of the company. I think that's because of the value placed on our people. Because of the heavy emphasis on safety, everyone needs to take time on every job to evaluate the sit- uation, since every job is different. Constant awareness helps us avoid potential hazards that could harm our team members or us. Safety becomes second nature, but it is still something we need to think and talk about all the time. " ERIC FOLEY sales arborist Maier Tree & Lawn, a Davey company Residential/Commercial services Rochester, Minnesota OWNER'S BOX

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