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The Davey Tree Expert Company provides residential and commercial tree service and landscape service throughout North America. Read our Flipbooks for helpful tips and information on proper tree and lawn care.

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SET EXPECTATIONS Determine how you'll use the space and what concepts are most important to you. Will there be foot traffic from visitors? Are there environmental considerations? How will you manage or maintain the space? Ask and answer every reasonable question related to the space before moving to the next step. DETERMINE A BUDGET Since most long-range plans are three to five years, realize that you will not do everything you'd like in Year 1. Instead, set a capital improvement budget as well as a general maintenance budget. This over- time approach to enhancements will help you achieve results and stay on budget. CONSULT AN EXPERT Nobody knows your property like you do. That isn't to say, however, that you can't benefit from the advice of a qualified professional. A landscape expert like your Davey representative can look at your plan in light of your budget to give you a realistic idea about design, installation and maintenance costs. Plus, the Davey Resource Group can assist with property assessments and wetlands studies to ensure compliance with EPA and other guidelines. ANTICIPATE THE FUTURE If you know you're going to rebuild, expand or replace a building with a parking lot, dial down landscape services for that area, and divert your budget elsewhere. More importantly, talk with your Davey representative about planned renovations so we can save you time and money. RE-EVALUATE Even when things change that doesn't mean you need to scrap your long- term plan. Instead, take a good, hard look at re-engineering your plan. Not only will being flexible with your plan save you all kinds of aggravation, it should help prevent wasting resources and budget. 4 3 5 1 2 STEP BY STEP PLANNING GUIDE

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