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Fall 2016 Issue: Growing Together

The Davey Tree Expert Company provides residential and commercial tree service and landscape service throughout North America. Read our Flipbooks for helpful tips and information on proper tree and lawn care.

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T hat was founder John Davey's motto, passed along from his father to him, and from him to his sons. One son, Paul, embraced the motto quite literally, developing an industry-leading fertilization method in the 1920s that also earned him several mechanical patents. Paul's pioneering fertilization methodology involved using pneumatic tools to drill holes into the soil of a tree's root zone so that arborists (then called tree surgeons) could pack them with powdered fertilizer. The carefully drilled holes not only allowed for better nutrient reach, they also improved oxygenation for healthier, more vibrant trees. Paul's passion for do-it-right mechanization gave Davey arborists long-lasting tools for tree care. In fact, they were the industry gold standard until 1976 when, once again, The Davey Tree Expert Company developed another groundbreaking method for tree fertilization. OVER A CENTURY OF HEALTHY TREES "Do it right or not at all." DAVEY CONTINUES TO PIONEER THE TREE AND PLANT HEALTH INDUSTRY " " This time, Davey received a patent for its revolutionary fertilizer, Arbor Green ® (and later Arbor Green PRO ® ). Using an injection probe inserted into the soil of a tree's root zone, fertilizer is dispersed through the probe's tip, bathing the roots in nutrients. This pioneering technique proved more efficient to apply and more effective in mimicking natural growth. But Davey was not done yet. In 1987, Davey introduced Plant Health Care (PHC), a systematic approach to developing strong, vigorous plants while reducing the use of pesticides. PHC is literally rooted

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