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Notice its monoculture appearance? See how little diversity there is among its insects and birds? "With that type of environment," explains Davey's Anand Persad, PhD, BCE, "the blooms aren't what we call 'stratified,' meaning that there are long periods of time in which there's simply no food source. Short-term color blitzes simply do not offer extended and sustainable nectaries to a variety of pollinator species." This lack of diverse pollinator habitats is contributing to the destruction of our nation's pollinator population. (One- third of our nation's agricultural yield depends on the work of pollinators.) Which is why Persad, The Davey Institute's Manager of Arboriculture and Plant Sciences/Entomologist, has spent the better part of the past 10 years researching and developing proactive pollinator protection strategies. As a result of his research, Davey is able to develop and implement best practices, proprietary software and custom solutions for our clients. Says Persad, "We can carefully calculate and calibrate the plant varieties and density necessary to sustain all life stages of pollinators for your property." PROTECTING POLLINATORS THE BUSINESS OF BEES AND BUTTERFLIES At first glance, an un-mowed meadow of goldenrod or Canada thistle may look like a thriving, natural habitat. It may look like a simple, no- or low- maintenance zone for property owners. But look again. GARDEN A garden is a place. Gardens are mostly for humans. A garden's purpose is beauty. HABITAT A habitat is an ecosystem. Habitats are primarily for pollinators. A habitat's purpose is to provide sustenance. VS

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