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The season for spring pests is upon us. While some insects do a landscape good, others don't. Take aphids, for example. They're quick in their quest to decimate your trees and plants. Here are some tips to help protect your trees and shrubs: • DON'T USE A QUICK RELEASE FERTILIZER, rather a Slow Release Fertilizer such as Arbor Green Pro ® . Especially on a spruce, since the increased nitrogen may incite rapid aphid reproduction, resulting in higher pest populations. • DON'T NEGLECT EARLY INTERVENTION PROTOCOLS. Be sure to seek professional advice since treatment depends on plant type. Some plants respond to applications of horticultural oils, while others require systemic treatments. • DO LOOK FOR TELLTALE SIGNS OF APHID INFESTATION: yellow patches, sparse foliage, possible loss of needles, a shiny or sticky residue on affected needles, and/or thin and sickly crowns. • DO TAKE AN APHID INFESTATION SERIOUSLY, since years of excessive defoliation can wipe out not only branches but entire trees as well. Ask your professionally trained arborist about an aphid-specific management program to treat and protect both trees and shrubs. Aphids DO's & DON'Ts DO's DONT's SPRING PEST CONTROL

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