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THE FERTILIZER YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU NEEDED BETTER FOR PLANTS —AND THE ENVIRONMENT The days of fertilizer over-use are gone. Today, a new fertilizer technolo- gy, combined with best management practices, outshines the old standby. More importantly, it produces better results with less environmental impact. "When it comes to fertilizing, we either have feast or famine," says Sales Representative Steve Webster of Harrell's, Davey's fertilizer supplier and the nation's largest producer of custom-blended fertilizers. "With typical fertilizers and practices," Webster explains, "you go out and give the plant all the nitrogen it can possibly take up and the rest goes to waste. Our controlled-released fertilizer POLYON ® is different. Instead of giving out all the nitrogen at once, it feeds grass, trees and ornamentals slowly and continuously." INSPIRED BY NATURE "In the forest floor, there are a lot of organisms that breakdown the top or- ganic material. This breakdown," says Davey's Orlando Branch Manager Garth Rinard, "helps release nutrients into the soil, making it available to trees. But with managed landscapes, we rake up the organic material and haul it away." "After lots of research and testing, we believe the best makeup of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium is the same as in the natural forest setting. The fertilizer formulation we use from Harrell's not only restores nutrients and strengthens roots, it helps the microorganisms, which, in turn, help the plant. And because water isn't necessarily the catalyst that breaks down the polymer-coated granule, even heavy water conditions make it less likely that the granules will float into ponds and stormwater." ROOTED IN SCIENCE The secret is in the polymer coating. Unlike ordinary fertilizers, the polymer coating won't break down when exposed to water. Instead, POLYON is activated by heat and soil tempera- ture. That means it feeds plants the proper amount of nutrients slowly over time, while also reducing waste, runoff and pollutants. Bottom line? More nitrogen stays in the root zone, maximizing the efficien- cy of the fertilizer and minimizing the environmental impact. #1 REASON TO FERTILIZE IN FALL Fall feeding gives trees, grass and plants a much-needed nutrient boost. • It helps them transition into a dormant/browning-out period. • Fall "carb loading" helps prepare plants for coming winter stresses. • It prepares plants for when they stop making food. Talk to your local Davey office about your fertilization plan.

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