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Landscape Matters: Fall 2015 Southern Issue

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"I had a customer tell me they spent an average of $100,000 a year on irrigation water and that their goal was to save 30% in costs," says Davey Branch Manager Garth Rinard. "She'd read about smart irrigation technologies and was really interested in the savings they can provide. While those can be a good choice, they may not be for everyone. So I suggested we take a closer look at the issue and see if we could come up with alternatives that would give her the biggest ROI bang—and that's exactly what we did." THE SOLUTION? New hardware. New nozzles, to be exact. "Before looking at adding sensors, controllers and satellite subscriptions," says Rinard, "it made sense to talk through the options. Working with our manufacturing reps, we did some testing and put together a presentation that addressed her biggest issue; runoff." Rinard explains that doing this due diligence led to a discovery: In this particular instance, the biggest impact potential could come not with the controllers themselves nor with the in-ground sensors that communicate with weather satellites; instead, it could come from updating standard spray-type nozzles with rotator nozzles. AN ALTERNATIVE TO 'SMART' IRRIGATION UPGRADES PASSING ON 'SMART' SENSORS FOR YOUR IRRIGATION SYSTEM DOESN'T HAVE TO MEAN GIVING UP WATER SAVINGS. There are times when it simply doesn't make sense to overpay for the latest technology. Sometimes it's simply smarter to wait. But losing out on significant water savings? Well, that's never a good idea.

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