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'FALL' FOR SPRING-FLOWERING BULBS IT'S ALL ABOUT TIMING "I wish we would've planted bulbs …" Sound familiar? Don't let this be you next spring. Here's a timeline of what to expect when you plant what Davey Technical Advisor Shawn Fitzgerald calls "a bag of sunshine." LATE SEPTEMBER- EARLY OCTOBER Time to start planning and planting. Fitzgerald says the secret to planting success is prepping the soil: good drainage and full sun. Worried about rodents? Don't be. Many of the more common bulb variety, like hyacinth, are rodent resistant. For other varieties, Fitzgerald says Davey crews know just what to do. "If we need to, we can sprinkle cayenne pepper over the soil and lay chicken wire over the bulbs, backfilling the soil. The bulbs can get through the wire, but critters can't." OCTOBER Finish planting before the ground freezes. Plant as many bulbs as your budget allows—that means hundreds, even thousands. "Bulbs are very inexpensive," says Fitzgerald. "I always recommend mass-planting them. The more the better. At an incredible value, the impact of 3,000 or 5,000 spring- flowering bulbs is just undeniable." NOVEMBER Plant and protect. Those living in warm-weather states can still plant well into the end of this month. For everyone else, a layer of protection from two to three inches of mulch —before the ground freezes—helps keep bulbs cool yet insulated from winter temps and weather extremes. DECEMBER TO FEBRUARY Be patient and let bulbs 'do their thing.' As bulbs are safely nestled underground, wintry-cold weather is doing its work, triggering the necessary biochemical process that helps bulbs flower in just a few weeks. March to April Enjoy the view. Suddenly, months after planting, bright spring color bursts forth. Take pleasure in the kudos from customers, tenants, shoppers, visitors and employees. Talk to your local Davey office about a fall bulb-planting plan.

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