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Landscape Matters: Spring 2015 Issue

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WHY AND HOW TO BREAK THE OVERMULCHING HABIT Goldilocks knew it: There is such a thing as "just right"— especially when it comes to mulch. Davey shares how to save your trees (and your budget) from the perils of overmulching. BEWARE OF 'MULCH VOLCANOES' ALLEVIATES EXTRA MOISTURE. Too much mulch around trees can lead to fungus and disease, as well as harbor invasive insects. Our horticulturists and arborists recommend pulling mulch away from tree trunk to expose the tree flare or stem. SAVES ON MULCH COSTS. By mimicking the natural environment, you'll use much less mulch and naturally reduce costs. Excess mulch can often be removed and reused to mulch around 2, 3 or even 4 trees for additional savings. PREVENTS TREE DAMAGE. Properly mulching in a nice, wide ring at a proper depth gives landscape crews plenty of room to work, reducing the chance of string trimmer or mower interference. Plus, extending the ring helps improve water absorption of those all-important feeder roots. Your commercial landscape is an important investment. Done right, the payoffs are big: boosting property values, saving energy, absorbing pollutants, and increasing business. All the more reason to maximize your investment with proper mulching. Proper mulching —not too little and not too much—does three very important things: Not sure if your mulch depth or spread is "just right"? Contact your local Davey representative for a site inspection. For more tree tips, follow us here: https://twitter.com/daveytree. 1 2 3

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