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Fall 2014 Landscape Matters - South

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WHEN IT COMES TO MULCH, IT WOULD SEEM THAT THERE'S NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. But advances in mulching techniques and technologies over the past few years would prove otherwise. Case in point: GreenSmartâ„¢ Groundcover, a non-floating, 100 percent sustainable mulch. THE SOUTH'S HOTTEST MULCHING TREND LASTING BENEFITS "It looks better, lasts longer and is better for the environment," says product developer Chuck Meyer of Sustainable-Green Services, Inc. "And the cost? It's similarly priced." Which is why Davey's been using the revolutionary new mulch in the Orlando market for some time now. "The color lasts longer than dyed mulches of the past, the material holds together better reducing washouts from rain activity, and it holds up longer, providing an opportunity for Davey clients to save mulching dollars," says Garth Rinard, branch manager, Orlando. REPURPOSED WASTE The product is made from green waste, primarily Palm tree fronds and other horticulture debris. "This new product," explains Meyer, "takes Florida's biggest green waste and, instead of composting, burning or burying it, uses the fronds to make a mulch that, unlike cypress, is truly sustainable. Florida has 50 million Palms and each tree drops four to eight fronds annually." The mulch is made by running the fronds and other debris through a 1,000-horsepower grinder. Out comes a very stringy, tropical- looking shred that Meyer says,

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