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The Davey Tree Expert Company P.O. Box 5193 Kent, Ohio 44240-5193 FROM THE ARCHIVES – FATHER OF TREE SURGERY The environmentalist movement in North America was still in its adolescence when John Davey planted the seed that would grow into The Davey Tree Expert Company. Davey first conceived of the idea that trees could be cared for and kept in good health through curative processes in 1880. Over the next 20 years, John conducted careful research into his tree care methods – many of which would go on to earn U.S. patents – that culminated in 1901 with the publishing of his book The Tree Doctor. His book The Tree Doctor educated readers not just on the need to care for all trees, but John's book also explained how to properly care for shade trees. Prior to publication of The Tree Doctor at the turn of the century, most literature on tree care pertained largely to fruit tree yields for their value in agricultural production. Many other environmental organizations and movements were yet to blossom. The U.S. Forest Service was founded four years later in 1905, as was the National Audubon Society. The National Park Service would not be founded until 1916. Organizations such as The Wilderness Society, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and The Nature Conservancy were decades away still. Demand for tree care and preservation exploded after The Tree Doctor published, starting on the East Coast and sweeping west across the U.S. and Canada. It helped earn John the nickname "Father of Tree Surgery." Prior to Davey, one of the most successful environmental preservation accomplishments was led by John Muir, who helped establish Yosemite National Park as America's first national park in 1872 and founded The Sierra Club in 1892. American Forests, founded in 1875, preceded the Sierra Club. The Davey Tree Expert Company is North America's oldest and largest tree care company, thanks to the "Father of Tree Surgery." John Davey 1846-1923 John Davey's headstone at Standing Rock Cemetery in Kent, Ohio, bears his nickname "Father of Tree Surgery."

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