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March-April Davey Bulletin 2020

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3 March/April 2020 | THE DAVEY BULLETIN A. Now more than ever is a good time to remember the importance of taking care of each other. Not just our coworkers, clients and communities, but also ourselves and our families. As an employee-owned company, we are committed to our people. Together, we've built a company that is strong financially and flexible operationally. These strengths allow us to function within varied city, state and federal government-enacted policies regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our managers have been directed to consider all flexible and creative options to take care of our people in the face of these ever-changing circumstances. We are committed to working through childcare issues, illness-related absences and other strains on our teammates. We are working with our clients, our vendors and our human resources network to figure out what's best for them and our employees. Some employees are under shelter in place orders, and some are not as they are deemed essential employees. This will change as the situation evolves. Please be patient as we try to find the best path forward. Now also is a good time to remind all of us of the foundation of our company's strategic plan, Vision 2030, the guiding document that ensures the Davey Company remains a healthy organization. This year, Davey's executive leadership team updated our company's vision and mission statements and six core company values. This refresh is part of our scheduled updates to the plan. Our management team spent several months reviewing and discussing how our vision and mission statements, and Davey's six core values, would evolve and why. Our goal was to emphasize the balance we work carefully to maintain between our employees, clients and shareholders. The updated versions are shown on this page. We've not only modified our values but also defined them to show what we believe those values should mean to us. ASK THE CEO: Q. HOW CAN WE SUPPORT EACH OTHER DURING THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK? SAFETY INTEGRITY EXPERTISE LEADERSHIP STEWARDSHIP PERSEVERANCE VISION MISSION MISSION We exceed client expectations. LEADERSHIP We take purposeful action toward our collective success. PERSEVERANCE We create solutions to overcome challenges. INTEGRITY We are honest and truthful in all we do. SAFETY We protect and care for each other. EXPERTISE We use science and knowledge to master our craft. VISION We create and deliver sustainable solutions. STEWARDSHIP We make the world around us better. Pat Covey Davey President and CEO By carefully defining our values, we've tried to set clearer expectations of what it means to conduct ourselves as Davey employees. If you have integrity, you work safely, are persistent, practice empathy and work well as a team, then all those characteristics should align and serve as a sort of North Star. Following these practices will set you on a path toward making the right decisions and being successful here at Davey. Let these qualities as we've defined them be a helpful guide in representing the Davey Company every day. Most importantly, let them reassure you of our commitment to each other, our clients and our communities during tough times. Over the past 140 years Davey has built a reputation of overcoming challenging situations. We have managers in all areas of our company who have been through business challenges in the early 2000s and the great recession of 2007-08. Now, as always, is a time to live our values. We got this. The Davey community always rises together and perseveres.

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