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3 July/August 2019 | THE DAVEY BULLETIN WORTH PRESERVING Preservation is defined as the act of preserving something. It's pretty simple as far as definitions go. But it's an act that can be applied to so many endeavors across Davey. In this issue you'll read about a lot of things being "preserved." LIFE PRESERVERS Safety has no greater meaning than the act of preserving a life. And you'll read about how Davey employees work to preserve the health and lives of their coworkers in a number of training meetings held recently. In Tennessee, Wolf Tree, Inc., a Davey company, employees are preserving a safety streak of zero recordable incidents. In California, managers of the Davey Tree Surgery Company focused on The Davey Road to Zero, Davey Personal Excellence and other safety topics as part of a two-day training session. In Massachusetts, a Davey district manager talked with clients about the importance of hiring a professional, safety-minded tree company. Because safety extends to clients and the general public as well. ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION Of course the act of preserving the environment is a no-brainer. It's something every Davey employee should keep top-of-mind. But there's a new way Davey is working to preserve the environment in Commercial Landscape Services operations in Florida and Washington, D.C. Crews there are using zero- emission electric mowers powered by lithium-ion batteries. It's an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional mowers powered by four-stroke engines – and much quieter, too. Naturally, you'll also read in this issue about how Davey Resource Group is helping one of its many municipal clients inventory trees in Nashville, Tennessee, and identify planting sites for new trees. It's a great example of the steady-as-she-goes work Davey employees do day-in and day-out to care for our natural world. ROOTED IN SERVICE The root of the word "preserve" is "serve," and few can do it better than Davey employees when it comes to serving their communities. This issue features a sample of the services we gave back to our communities in celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day. You'll also read in this issue about how you can become a Davey Green Leader and join the hundreds of other Davey employees giving back to their communities. Preservation is about more than just preserving something. It's about service to self and others, and that's ingrained in the spirit of all Davey employees. ROOT OF THE ISSUE MISSION: Deliver unmatched excellence in client experience, employee strength, safety and financial sustainability as we advance the green industry. LEADERSHIP is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. IMPROVEMENT is defined as the action of improving or being improved. INTEGRITY is defined as being honest and having strong moral principles. SAFETY at Davey emphasizes the fundamental respect we have for our employees, clients, the public and the environment. All other departments in the Bulletin, such as "Letters" or "Service Awards," will get the "Davey green" label. EXPERTISE is defined as having expert skill or knowledge in a particular field. VISION: Provide solutions that promote balance among people, progress and the environment. RESOLVE is defined as having a firm determination to accomplish something. SAFETY INTEGRITY RESOLVE LEADERSHIP EXPERTISE IMPROVEMENT VISION MISSION DEPARTMENTS Matt Fredmonsky

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