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Nov-Dec Bulletin 2018

The Davey Tree Expert Company provides residential and commercial tree service and landscape service throughout North America. Read our Flipbooks for helpful tips and information on proper tree and lawn care.

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31 November/December 2018 | THE DAVEY BULLETIN THERE'S NO BETTER PLACE THAN DAVEY 1. Safety, Safety, Safety: "Always be very safe, be conscious and preach it to your employees. I always preached to them that safety was number one. And when you get behind the wheel of that truck, you must take care of yourself and the person that's with you in that truck. People want to take shortcuts, and shortcuts are not worth taking the chance and having an accident or hurting somebody else that's working with you. 'Do it right or not at all.' Everyone has a job to do, but if you do it right everything will be OK." 2. Make the Most of Your Time: "See if you can help improve the company by being safety conscious and making sure everybody is helping each other out. There's room to move up in the company. I've seen it firsthand. If you want it, prove to yourself that you can do it. I always told people I don't care where you started or how you started. If you are going to stay here, make something of yourself." 3. It's a Great Company: "I liked that everybody was friendly, and everybody got along. Davey is one of the better companies I worked for and they were very honest. There is so much trust there. When someone asked you to do something, it got done and you didn't walk away from it. People told me I probably bled green instead of red. It's For 28 years, George Lukianenko worked for the utility side of the tree care industry. Twelve of those years were spent at Davey. Lukianenko started working for Davey in Utility Services on the NIPSCO account in 2003 and continued to work on this account until his retirement in 2015. He was hired at Davey as a foreman. And after a few years, he earned a promotion to general foreman. "My greatest accomplishment was becoming a general foreman. I didn't think that was ever going to happen to me," Lukianenko said. Eventually, Lukianenko decided to become a foreman again and remained in that position until he retired. When asked about retirement, Lukianenko said it's "really good." He still splits wood, grinds stumps and does the occasional tree removal. "It's something that's always going to be in my blood," Lukianenko said. LUKIANENKO'S LESSONS LEARNED: If he's not helping people with their trees, Lukianenko said you will find him tinkering in his garden or attending a gas engine tractor show. On Thursdays, he meets his friends for coffee and donuts. Retirees! Have stories to share about your life at Davey? To be featured, call 800-447-1667 ext. 8615 or send us an email at bulletin@davey.com. a great company. It's a family company and everyone sticks there like glue." 4. Have No Regrets: "Guys will ask me to come back, and I tell them if my health was a bit better and my bones weren't aching, I would come back. If I could go back, I would do it all again. I wouldn't go back to another company. I would go back to Davey." RETIREE CORNER

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