Invasive Vegetation Management

December 6, 2016
An invasive plant species is found in an area that it is not native to, but more importantly, the species shows a propensity to spread quickly, causing damage to the environment it inhabits. This damage can be from out competing native species that provide food, shelter, and other needs for local animal life. Some invasive species are physically harmful to humans, such as giant hogweed that causes severe burns when touched. There are different invasive species that are found in different regions of the planet, so it is good to check with your local horticultural informational sites to know how to identify the species in your area. Your local Davey Tree office, universities, county extension agencies, and local garden clubs are good places to find more specific information for your region. Management of the invasive flora can vary with specific species, severity of establishment, and available resources. The most basic management strategy is simply cutting down the plants. Continually destroying the above ground portion of the plant will lead to an eventual death of the plant. Removing the root system will greatly expedite the process, although this can be oftentimes difficult. Sometimes this strategy can be aided by the use of herbicides, especially systemic products that are circulated throughout the plant to ensure a more effective outcome. Keep in mind that all of these actions can be dangerous, and should be completed by industry professionals who follow the standards and guidelines of the trade. All Davey Tree employees follow strict protocol when using tools to remove invasive trees and shrubs, and when mixing and applying herbicides. If you are interested in learning more about what invasive species are present in your neighborhood and what can be done to manage them, visit to contact your local Davey Tree office.

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